Barismo 171

This Fall Raquel Rubin is featured on the Barismo 171 wall. She works with pieces of wood she's found and repurposes them into her canvases. Using a wood burning tool she creates the pieces then adds color and a lament to protect the piece. Her inspiration comes from a mix of her childhood pop culture memories and today's political climate. 

"This collection is a series of wood-burned and painted pieces mainly revolving around pop-culture, but also has a bit of political flare. My main concern with this series is that I was having fun while making it, as well as creating artwork that really says something. If I’m not enjoying myself, then what’s the point? Furthermore, if I’m not speaking my truth through my art, then what's the point? So, I tried to achieve of balance of completely-pointless-but-entertaining with a touch of political-satire that makes you feel kind of sad but also inspired. Enjoy. Or don’t. That’s also the point."

Check out her work in person from November-January.