Barismo 364

Barismo Welcomes Hannah Bludworth. Hannah moved from Austin, Texas and now resides in the Camberville area (that's Somerville and Cambridge combined). Thankfully she brought her wonderful art pieces with her. If you've had a chance to visit the shop, notice how striking the colorful lines and textures intermingled with the brick background. 

Her work is best described in her words,

"Concentric but loosely held themes of my artwork include dreams, collective memory, and cultural identity; but mostly I am simply trying to have an immersive experience with the paint itself to construct visceral and sometimes duplicitous imagery inspired by the natural and material world. My compositions are almost never predetermined but the result of a spiraling and frenetic, layering process in which initial movements and mark-makings inspire the next until I deem the composition to be complete." -Hannah Bludworth

Enjoy a cup of coffee and some beautiful artwork.