San Diego = Sunday Brunch Everyday

James and I ventured to the sunny side of the country only to be met with unseasonably cold weather. Every barista, bartender, server, and resident we met apologized for the horrible, fluffy white clouds with light drizzle during the morning, weather. To be fair, it was quite chilly. We had hoped for a tad 10 degree warmer weather, but we survived the winter 60 degree chill of San Diego.

My San Diegan friend summed it up just right. San Diego is like "Sunday morning brunch, but everyday." Perhaps the cynical cold north has finally breached my heart, but I couldn't figure out what everyone was so happy about! Of course, sun helps. In fact I got a little tan while sitting outside on a patio drinking wine and eating cheese. Wonderful, right?!

I found myself jealous of the relaxed zoning rules and regulations compared to Camberville's rigid licence allocations. Passion and inspiration could be seen in each cafe's decor, each restaurants menu, and the different architectural styles of the homes.

We were fortunate enough to walk around the different neighborhoods. Although, our stomachs couldn't fit all the tasty treats of every shop, we managed to at least poke our heads in to them.

La Jolla

Torry Pines


Heartsleeve Coffee


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